Gunboat Empires
© 1998

Some handy forms reminiscent of the old pencil and paper days. You may wish to print them out and plan your turns "off-line".   When you have finalized your turn on these paper forms, log back onto this website and use the forms to help complete the "Economics Turnsheet" and the "Military Turnsheet" that you will send to the moderator each turn.
Turnsheet/Form Description
Economics Trades, Builds, Salvages, Research, & Improvements
Military 1 & 2 Military Orders for Phases 1 and 2
Military 3 Military Orders for Phase 3
Military 4 Military Orders for Phase 4
Military 5 Military Orders for Phase 5

Printing notes: (YMMV)
1) The forms are sized to print on a single page. However, you may have to adjust your margins. My laser printer works with 0.5" margins left and right and 0.35" margins top and bottom.
2) I've noticed when I print from Netscape Navigator, the shaded areas come out shaded. Very convenient! MSIE and the AOL browser do not print the shaded areas.
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