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Gunboat Empires: Military Orders - Phase 5
Game #:       Phase 5 - Air/Army Movement  
Turn #:  Task Forces 
Country #:   1  2  3  4  5  6 Notes
Starting Region:       
Move To:       
Move To:       
Move To:       
Move To:      B
Move To:      B
Light Infantry       
Heavy Infantry       
Mechanized Infantry       B
Panzers      B
Fighters      B
Bombers      B
Jet Fighters      B
Jet Bombers      B

A: You must control all the regions plotted and of course they must all be adjacent land regions.
B: Most units may only move three regions but fast units (Panzers, Mechanized Infantry, Fighters, Bombers, Jet Fighters, and Jet Bombers) may move up to five regions.
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